My daily is unpleasantly and be not always comfort me but often make me am saturated. I always try do changes in my present life, that saturation is not always draw near me. But change that continually I do deliver I on the way new in sail through this life which is always comport easy going in situated whatever. Finally I trip my life like uliginous is adrift slowly

While am I write this, I still to get foremost college college student state at Kalimantan West which is University Tanjungpura (Untan), correct it FKIP college student semester eight Economic Education Programs. Largely my daily in reference to college student activity in a general way. I am is college student that active in Lembaga Pers Mahasiswa Untan (LPM Untan) or Mimbar Untan Pulpit recognised with the title “ MIUN ”. Miun is place institute study to become a Journalist and studying place becomes a broadcaster. At that institute result derivative that constitute campus information media as news letter, tabloid and magazine. Are not just print media, Miun also constitute its shade communities radio studio Tanjungpura's University Student.

As a college student which comes under intermediate society downwards make I bethink brain to reduce life charges. Chance for remained without pays rent, I get with live at secretariat LPM Untan. Stay locally, my oldster perceives so assisted since they shan't giddiness to look for cost of for I to stay behind up to college. Living at place that it must not as delicate as living at rent place. Since each one stays that shoulder responsibility that adequately heavy as bounds in honour, security, and hygiene. Since Miun also radio studio place therefore mandatory divides me to look after regular radio air everyday on schedule.

Common picture about activity me knockabout adjusted by activity that have once I do. Usually if I get up around hit 04.00 am I pay book debts on my the infinite, drawned out by reads book and demulcent sport. If have felt feverish, I clear and cool down body with to amount to water and body cleaner or person ordinary call it Bath. After takes bath I breakfast while read MIUN'S subscription Newspaper. Then morning until noon activity, i am college if there is college eye that haven't I trip or that I re. Otherwise my college often had up computer to practice graphic design programs, looking for news, visit goes to friend place or just look for photograph for news letter.

After that activity, I usually siesta to be able to get activity at nighttime maximal ala. Its evening, I usually wash dress or see plants at garden or page ornament plant. Otherwise, I also frequent just read compass Newspaper and enjoy surround. My activity is nocturnal, usually at content by becoming announcer at radio on event already being appointed, working task of campus, task of institute meets with friend and also just watch television and just as reads book. My activity already I describe upon that is that fill my life its knockabout.


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