Change Country Flag In Sniper 3D

How to Change Country Flag in Sniper 3D game

The default Flag for game Sniper 3D is based on what language you set in you Android or Iphone Language and Region setting

How to Change Country Flag Sniper 3D on iPhone

You can change your country flag in the "Language & Region" on the iPhone settings. There is a "Region" section where you can chose your country.

How to Change Country Flag Sniper 3D on Android

On Android, you need to change the language on "Settings" > "Languages". The country of the language is the one of the flag. For example: "English (United States)" will give you the US flag, while "Português (Brasil)" will give you the Brazilian flag.
Another example if you want flag Malaysia appear in Sniper 3D please choose English (Malaysia) or Malay (Malaysia)

Hope this can help :)

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