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How To Apply For Online School - The application process is the same for all students, regardless of enrollment status.

1. Select Your Round
The round where the right for you?  Online School 

Parent school schedule considering the time constraints of Round One applicants. Time constraints two-Round applicants may not be considered in the final schedule, so it may be difficult for applicants to follow a particular course Online School.

If you are looking for financial assistance, we strongly recommend to register in round one. There will be a limited financial assistance available in Round Two.

Spaces in the school may be limited to applicants two rounds Online School.

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2. Understand the choice of Acceptance Your Results & Registration
Stanford has the choice of a single OHS courses full time, part time, and to ensure students can tailor their academic experience. Browse a selection of our registration and acceptance of the results to see which one is best for you. Please note: the status that you include in your application is not binding Online School.

3. Start Your Online Application
Create an account application Stanford OHS using the links above.

4. Plan Your National Standard Test
All applicants are required: Single Courses, part-time, and full-time Online School.

Review our standard testing information for the appropriate age test and select the appropriate test with Your timeline. Please note the date and time limited testing reporting score one month. For a two-Round applicants to 2018-2019 cycles, we recommend to schedule a trial date in February 2018, for a trial date in early March will probably not return results before the deadline for Round Two on our on 16 March.

5. Connect With The School Counselor Or Your Current Supervisor
Part-time and Single Course Applicants Only Online School.

If you plan to supplement existing curriculum with courses or course Stanford OHS, be sure to understand your school's policy on credit from outside institutions, especially regarding the requirements of graduation.

6. Select Your Recommendations
All applicants to Stanford OHS must submit at least two recommendation forms (one teacher of Social Science/Humanities and one teacher Math/Science). Think of a teacher who encourages you to do a very good job, and be sure to give them enough time to complete your form. The best recommendations are not always derived from the teacher in the course that you have a good value.

7. Complete Our Online Application
A complete application consists of:

Application form
Academic record (transcript from this year and the last two years-the unofficial copies are acceptable)
Standard exam results (unofficial copies are acceptable)
Short response answers  "Stanford OHS 5 "
Essay (one word, one 250-400 300 words)
One example of good analytical writing. Samples of the work must have been completed in the past year and shows the student's best effort.
Two letters of recommendation (one Humanities/Social Sciences and a math/science).
Questionnaire parents
Application fee: USD $100

8. Applicants For Grades 7 And 8: Schedule Your Video Conference Interviews
Due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those applicants who register on December 1, 2017 that will be guaranteed an interview via online webinar platform Online School. Applicants who submit a complete application after December 2nd, 2017, will be offered an interview based on places available. Applicants and their families are required to be on camera for an interview. You can only schedule an interview after you submit your application.

Note: the recommendations and test scores need not be filed until the deadline for acceptance in January. An interview is not required.

9. Check The Status Of Your Application
Return to the Status page of the application and the ingredient list to make sure all of your application materials have been delivered. When decisions receipt you are ready, You will receive a notification email and log in to this page Online School.

International and Homeschooled applicants
Students who live outside the United States or who have a homeschooling should refer to our resources page to get answers to common questions about Online School.

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