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Small Business Phone Service Providers - Can you hear me now? That phrase is that we all have to say, most often from mobile phones, but sometimes from home phone and VOIP phone. We must follow the voicemail and text messages. Fixed phone service I want to follow me, not vice versa.

In this post, we highlight the 22 who want to phone service followed by small business owners. Some of them save time, energy, money or a combination of both. There is a saying that you can't have all three, but you can.

Here are some of the many features provided this service for a growing company: voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP), Voicemail, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling, Conference calling, Web Conferencing, call follow ( No, not stalking), Voicemail to text or Email, Voice Transcription, and toll free number Small Business Phone Service Providers.

Grasshoppers are known as professional telephone service company, but very hip virtual. They produce a heartwarming video in some cases and LOL funny at others. There is no free trial, but a 30 day money back guarantee. Plans start from $9.95/month for Pay as you Grow, then $24/month. $25 activation fee.

The features that I like: Fax emailed as a PDF.

Ringcentral VOIP service is aimed at small businesses. They offer unlimited phone and fax from your existing phone or one RingCentral. There is no free trial, but a 30 day money back guarantee. Plans start from $49.99/month with 1,000 minutes of toll-free access. Small Business Phone Service Providers The features that I like: a flexible answering Rules so that you can specify the hours and days of work for the company and my employees.

Yahoo! Voice similar to Skype or Google Voice. It's very simple if you are a Yahoo! user (or even if you don't). Computer to computer calls are free; all the other low price per minute. You can get the number so there is no Sound on Yahoo! can call you features that I like: the site super fast and rates checker so I don't have to navigate the State price.

3Jam is a VOIP provider. Two way SMS/text messages from the web to mobile, or even email. Small Business Phone Service Providers Unlimited text messages.  30 month voicemail transcription. All the features of an ordinary call. There is no free trial, but you don't need it with plans ranging from $4.99/month, then the cost per minute. The features that I like: all options of SMS (SMS). Does anyone else have this. Oh, and you can set up a group of phone numbers.

Onebox virtual phone system is with lots of great features, but the one thing that stands out is their LIVE receptionist option. Many smaller companies want to have an affordable choice for someone to answer their calls with a personal touch; Onebox offers them. They have a 14 day free trial, then the plan starting from $49.95/month for a portion of the phone. Direct reception options begin at $169.95/month. Small Business Phone Service Providersis one of the market leaders and keeping their sites and offers a well-organized. There is no free trial, but a plan ranging from $9.88/month. The features that I like: click-to-call option with the button for web or email signature.

Freedom is a virtual phone system 800 which got the future of cloud computing. They have an easy to use web site with instant number activation, free trial 15 days, then the plan starting from $9.95/month. The Features I Like: Scheduling Availability. Can I determine when I want to call forwarded, or not.

Toktumi rocked the world of VOIP. They have a feature-rich package. 30-day free trial, then only $14.95/month. The features that I like: to 20 callers can join the Conference call and you can even record the call, all part of the monthly fee.

Vonage may also known as Skype. Small Business Phone Service Providers They were one of the first VOIP providers which makes it really easy to get a virtual phone system. First month free with a one-year agreement, then $25.99/month. But his contract is because they send you a phone adapter that allows the touchtone phones used on their VOIP systems. The features I Like: SimulRing which at once will call another phone 5 to contact me.

Kall8 is a service toll free number that starts at $2.00/month, if you can live with the number 888 or 877 or 866. They then just wear rate per minute. With this rate, and there is no minimum or monthly contract, you can easily use this service Google Adwords campaigns for binding to the phone number and lets you keep track of which ads are best. They have to have customers who do this because they are discussing the online campaign management. The features that I like: an online tool for tracking.

FreedomVoice is Small Business Phone Service Providers  a virtual phone system that serves as the company's system, according to their site. They offer a 15 day free trial, then $9.95/month. The features that I like: Great blog. And I like the idea to get my voicemail as an MP3 (other services often make files. WAV or something belonging to the (Skype).

Google Voice. You can't ignore Google. One number for voice mail, message, call routing, Voicemail transcription, delivered to your Inbox. First invitation only, but is now open to everyone. Features I Liked: they make service faster and better on mobile devices like Android and Blackberry. I also like that you can set the option "do not Disturb" and it will be instantly scroll to voicemail.

Evoice does not want to lose a prospect-they offer a six-month free trial to their virtual phone number services. Six months free for simple plan $12.95/month only. In addition to outstanding bids, they have a lot of features such as voicemail to text, toll free numbers, music that is suspended, and call routing (follow me similar things). The features that I like: I can't get away from a six-month trial. What is not well liked?

American offers a variety of Voicemail voicemail features, Small Business Phone Service Providersbut also includes the receipt of fax and fax-to-email for $19.95 per month. There is no free trial. The features I like: Automatic Description and retrieval Retrieval: Ask Your questions of the caller, one by one, and write down their answers to additional $9.95/month. This includes the following 8 questions. The response sent to you via email as a voice message.

Voicenation is toll free voicemail service. There is no free trials, but starts at $9.95/month includes 100 minutes. The features I like: wake up call options. This sweet-no alarm clock again. Also, they allow you to to use their service as a hotline where you play a greeting message, but did not receive a voice message. Think real estate hotline, the announcement of team sports.

Skype perhaps is the provider of voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) is the most famous on the planet. I use this service for my small business and loved it.  Small Business Phone Service Providers  I spend around $70 per year for business lines, voicemail, and other features. It's not as feature rich as some of the others, but I made it work. The features that I like: Pamela for Skype, which is a add-on for free and premium which allows me to record a call or Conference. It's more, but you should read about Pamela for Skype here. Oh, you can be free from Skype if you call other Skype users.

The bustle is focused to be a voicemail for business growth. They also offers virtual phone numbers toll free. There is no free trial, begun on $19.95/month. The features I like best: the service voice talent – they will give you a professional to record your voice messages for you. Many services of fax on demand to the automated attendant (for service, press 1, for support press 2 ...)

Voiceshot positioned itself as your virtual receptionist that help manage your calls. Free trial offers and rates starting from $25/month with the number of minutes specified. Small Business Phone Service Providers The features I like: Group texting Functions (such as in a text message/SMS) andOutbound Calling that lets you send a voice message to any number of different people (think of the kind of campaign to Get Out the Vote-like or hate them).

My1Voice: I like their lead with a statement about being a virtual phone system for small business. Their focus. The main page highlights excerpts from those customers with a web site that you can check. Offers a free trial, plans ranging from $10/month. The features I Like: call me button you can post it on the website.

These last three seem to be more for small businesses that have more than a few lines and employees:

Sipcat IP telephony software offers free and paid. You can set up the system in your own Voice over IP, which they explain easy set up and managed. Plug in any computer in just 15 minutes. You can use it for free, purchase a license package, or use theirhosted version and buy a bundle in a matter of minutes. The features that I like: the free version is fully functional.

Neobit is the leading reseller and distributor of telephone systems for small to medium-sized businesses. Small Business Phone Service Providers They offer business phone systems from well known brands such as Panasonic. They specialize in helping design the phone system solution for specific needs, especially in VOIP category. Features I Liked: If you need an actual mobile phone hardware to access your virtual phone service, this site is a good source and stores.

VirtualPBX service offers a hosted PBX that is intended for users who already have a VoIP phone or want to use low-cost VoIP service. They have a 30 day free trial and plans ranging from $9.95/month. The features that I like: their website explaining the details of VOIP and PBX very well, so you know what you get.

Let us know if you have Small Business Phone Service Providers a favorite service or phone system. We want to hear it.

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