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Office Phone Systems For Small Business - The best business phone system the year 2018 Businesses have more choices than ever when it comes to the phone system. Either they want a home phone, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), local, virtual or virtual host system entirely, businesses now have hundreds of choices. With this vast selection, find the right phone system for your business can often be a difficult endeavor.

The first question that must be answered is the type of connection you want – phone home phone, VoIP or virtual – Office Phone Systems For Small Business and  whether you want the system hosted on the spot or in the cloud. You then need to consider features, cost and mobility, access to customer service before completing the system of which one is best for you. With so much to consider, we want to help You narrow down your options.

In addition to highlighting how each Office Phone Systems For Small Business type of different system and provides an overview of the cost structure of different business phone system, this guide also offers our recommendations about the system that we think is most suitable for various needs. In particular, 8 x 8, Ooma, Cisco, RingCentral Office, Nextiva, Avaya, Mitel, locust,Jive and Vonage is a system that we think is best for different types of businesses. You can read more about each, and the type of organization that we think is best for them, below.

If none of the recommendations we are working for you, scroll down further to see the complete list of business telephone systems.

Selecting System Office Phone Systems For Small Business

To date, all businesses use traditional analogue landline systems. The system is connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network and operates on the telephone company's copper cable Office Phone Systems For Small Business.

While this phone system is very reliable, they need expensive equipment that is difficult to install and maintain. In addition to copper cables that must be run through the business, the ground system also requires an expensive private branch exchange (PBX). The PBX is what is used to divert calls between a business and a telephone network. This is also required to offer various calling features, such as voicemail, conference call and automated attendants.


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Currently, Office Phone Systems For Small Business traditional analog line systems are becoming obsolete. Phone companies do not develop new analog systems and no longer provide updates on the systems they offer. Finding IT professionals with the skills to keep this system running and also increasingly difficult. Telephone companies have largely turned their attention to VoIP technology.

Almost all new business phone systems use VoIP Office Phone Systems For Small Business. Instead of running copper wires like home phone systems, VoIP systems run with an internet connection. This is the same connection that most businesses already use to get online. Tapping on an existing data connection saves you the cost and cost of installing and maintaining the phone line across your office or store.

In addition, VoIP systems work together with cheaper and less expensive PBX equipment. This allows small businesses to access a number of calling features they were not previously capable of, such as auto attendant, conference call and call recording. VoIP systems are also easy to integrate with computers, allowing employees to make calls from their machines and send voicemail messages directly to their emails, among others. It can also be useful for businesses that use customer relationship management (CRM) programs.

When VoIP was first introduced, there was a lot of concern about call quality. Many people find calls unreasonable, and some have problems with dropped calls. As the technology increases, so does the quality of its calling. Actually, the difference in connection quality between VoIP and home phone is now so insignificant that most users do not know when they are using VoIP and when they use land connections.

The only businesses that can not take advantage of VoIP phone systems are those who are in the community without access to high-speed internet services or with unreliable internet service.

Unlike landline phone systems, which require all equipment to be stored and managed within the business, VoIP systems offer the option of hosting everything in place or in the cloud.

Similar to a home phone system, Office Phone Systems For Small Business VoIP system has all the local PBX equipment installed and placed in a location in every business. With this option, you are in full control over your system. You don't rely on others to verify it is running, and you can configure it according to your specifications. However, due to its location in Your place of business, Your it staff is responsible for all repairs or upgrades. Local system also needs to be installed professionally.

The other difference is security. The local system does not have the same security issues as cloud-hosted solution, because all data is stored in your business. Experts say business with serious concerns about keeping their phone and private telephone system is serviced by the local system. This option allows companies to configure their firewall exactly as desired to protect the telephone system from all types of disorders.

Another business that is appropriate for the local telephone system is large companies that can afford the upfront costs, and businesses who want a system that they can customize.

Telephone system inhabited by the clouds became popular among small businesses.With this type of phone system, all the equipment is stored and guarded in the clouds by the provider of your phone system, which handles all maintenance and improvement. The only equipment needed is a phone business itself.

Most systems cloud is basically plug and play. Once you activate your service and receive your phone, they can be connected to any Ethernet port, and a ready made and received calls.

The weaknesses of the solution hosted in the cloud is that the business is in the mercy of the provider of the phone system so that service and their services continue to run. Office Phone Systems For Small Business To ensure this happens, most of the top-tier vendors have some flaws in their systems. This includes having multiple data centers so that if one goes down, data can be transferred seamlessly to the other to ensure continuation of service.

The system is hosted in the cloud is ideal for small businesses because they have very little upfront cost and a consistent monthly fee that can go easily into the budget, and does not require a trained expert to continue to run and run it.

Business telephone systems have a variety of price points and structure. Method of local or cloud-hosting-is a deciding factor in how your costs will be structured. The cost of the local system is largely a one-time fee and upfront, while the cost of cloud hosted phone system revolves around monthly fee.

The price for each type of system vary based on provider, how many users you have and how many of the features that you want to access. Cloud-based phone systemsare usually worth between $10 and $75 per user, per month. Because the system is housed in the clouds, there is usually no major installation or installation cost.

Local system from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per user. In addition, since all the related equipment there are in your business, there is a large installation and the installation cost. At least, you can expect to pay several thousand dollars for this.

There are also several smaller monthly fee with the local telephone system. To connect to a dial tone, local system users should pay trunking , SIP or PRI circuits.

Office Phone Systems For Small Business  Other major costs with both systems is to IP phones. The phone is usually priced between $50 and $400, respectively. If you have a system of clouds, some providers will rent your phone as little as $5 per month

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